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More Yesung Love Part 2
Some other random facts about Yesung I either forgot to mention yesterday or just discovered ;)This boy is sooo lovable. ♥

- tends to initiate the bobos and hugs (Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Kangin)
- sends the most serious yet tender flying kiss to fans
- has the weirdest, most contagious laugh EVER which lasts quite a while and gets progressively more high pitched
- master of not tasting anything: amazing ability to remain expressionless when eating spicy peppers (3 hottest in the world!) and even loads of wasabi
- hot hot hot pelvic thrusts!
- most adorable winks!
- very gorgeous body (mmm eyes, nose, lips, arms, neck, chest, and Jeju Island shaped birthmark on his lower abs)
- acting as Street Fighter (1000 Songs Challenge) and embarrassing the other members (Leeteuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae) with his serious dorkiness
- he’s a narcissist who always checks himself in the mirror and loves self-photography, yet is very particular when giving instructions to men who pose cutely when photographing themselves
- was born to be a pro face-painting artist (poor Eunhyuk!)
- has a habit of peeling his shirt over at least his stomach when he gets hot
- is a super cute geek when wearing framed specs
- has a very colorful and organized room
- is the master of cute poses
- used to have a puppy, and when Joanne acts as his puppy on Star Golden Bell, he asks her where she went to pee LOL
- was born in the year of the dog (zodiac)…I love dogs! Monkey (me, not Eunhyuk) + dog (Jongwoon) = love! Actually, turtle + turtle = love. We’re both turtle lovers. :P
- enjoys taking off Eunhyuk’s socks so that his smelly feet can help the MC clear his sinuses
- fails at tongue twisters universally, not just Chinese ones but Korean ones too
- on EHB, he feels sleepy after inhaling laughing gas while the other members are rolling on the floor laughing, sweating, producing tears, and getting runny noses. FAIL!
- on a Cantonese interview that involved drawing ideal girls, Yesung drew the left half of his ideal girl’s face and then totally ignored the question; with a totally serious expression on his face, he went on to talk about Dragonball, Sun Wukong, and Batman. When asked what he would say when confessing to his ideal girl, Yesung said he would tell her that he wanted to learn martial arts from Sun Wukong and be Robin to Batman.
- when it was announced that he won the ‘best idol image’ award, he was caught drinking water…totally unprepared!
- wore red sneakers that totally stood out on Shin Jeonghwan PD’s Variety World
- looks like an elementary school kid when wearing yellow punishment hat
- the master at movie charades

Also, Yesung and I are similar on so many more levels.

9. We have the same crazy loud laugh that can’t be suppressed no matter how hard we try.
10. When completely overcome with laughter, we tend to slap the arm of the friend who made the joke. None too lightly.
11. Last night I dreamed of having my own extremely large and rare turtle that liked to blink at me with its beautiful golden eyes.

Let’s get married, Yesung.

More Yesung Love
I want to bobo this man like no other. In fact, he’d better be the first boy I ever bobo, mwahaha.

Yesung, oh Jongwoon…the words that describe you all contradict each other. You’re eccentric, dorky, lame, creepy, princely, adorable, weird, hot, awkward, and sexy all at the same time. I’m not surprised that I didn’t have a good first impression of you…I didn’t want to warm up to Super Junior when I was such a devoted Cassie in mid-2009, and I simply didn’t like your entrance or your bright orange hair in the lip-synced It’s You performance at KBS Open Concert. Very, very slowly you thawed my reluctantly frozen heart towards you. The first time I laughed at you was when the other members were exposing your nighttime-creeping and philtrum-touching secrets and you were stubbornly in denial. The second time I laughed (and consciously paid attention to you) was when you bravely ate three of the world’s spiciest peppers and showed little reaction except for a cute hiccup. The third time was when you announced happily on Sukira that you were wearing red underwear that day.

You became my fourth favorite, a too-low spot that you did not deserve. For months I was caught up in my hectic final year of high school and I completely forgot about Super Junior. Finally, in late May, I decided on a whim to rewatch a princekyu video featuring (obviously) my then favorite Kyuhyun. Towards the end I saw unfamiliar footage of Kyuhyun with an evil smirk, leaning against a wall in a mysteriously dark setting illuminated by a sweeping light. I was thoroughly confused (and excited) and quickly found out that it was Bonamana, the hit song of the 4th Super Junior album of the same name. My jaws dropped to the floor when I witnessed Yesung’s subtle ultra-hot transformation and the beautiful lines he sang. By the time I listened to Your Eyes, my ‘only Kyu’ mindset was wavering. Somehow, instead of being pleased that so many other fangirls loved Kyuhyun’s voice and wished that he had a solo song instead of the duet, I felt offended. Why so little appreciation for Yesung? Why was he so insignificant in their eyes, so underrated in the sea of Kyuhyun drool? I didn’t mind Kyuhyun getting showered with praise, but the fans’ demand for Kyu to have his own song, which I attributed to their opinion that Kyuhyun far exceeded Yesung, tore my heart to shreds.

By then, Yesung had long since gained second place in my heart. Consciously I still only thought of Kyu. But now I look back at my dream diary (I’ve recorded all my dreams since 2006, whether in journals or on Google Docs), and it seems that unconsciously, Yesung had crept into my dreams by June 26th. Still I remained in the dark about this extraordinary boy. When the No Other MV came out, I found myself drawn to Yesung’s balloons-and-kids scenes far more than Kyuhyun’s artsy heart collage scenes. During the rotating view of Yesung and the girl surrounded by a myriad of balloons, I held my breath. When I saw the silver ring held out in his fingers and the gorgeous smile on his face, I completely fainted over Yesung.

I was no longer blind to this boy’s charms, but I was still stubborn. Again and again I berated myself for being so fickle. Hadn’t Jaejoong once captured my attention in Love in the Ice the same way Kyuhyun did in Super Girl? And then two months later I was crazy over Junsu, whom I couldn’t even identify for at least a week after being smitten with Jae. My swooning over Yesung progressed much later, true, but I was afraid to begin another drooling rampage. I had enough boys to admire and didn’t want to attach myself so deeply again. Well, that was a pretty hopeless resistance to the irresistible temptation that is Yesung. I began to fall in love with him after I watched his complete fail on Shin Jeonghwan PD’s Variety World as well as his hilariously cute reaction to a fan’s question about reading YeWook fanfics.

Many months before, I had watched some Exploring the Human Body episodes, but not until recently did I notice the chains of total failures that Yesung achieved in EHB. His regressing reaching and jumping records, being demo man, enduring spicy peppers, being tickled and his expression when being fed a ball of salt, failure at catching arrows, octopus dance, inability to cry for his mom because he was thinking of black bean noodles…all sent me into fits of laughter. I laughed my head off in every video that featured Yesung fail, including his poor attempt at the grape Chinese tongue twister.

It really didn’t help that I also got addicted to Yesung’s artistic, husky baritone vocals in It Has to Be You and beautiful songs like Polaris, I Do, and Things I Can’t Do For You that he covered on Miracle For You. I literally couldn’t get enough. Every breath he took seemed to last an agonizing eternity because he paused his singing. Slowly, I revisited past songs like It’s You and Why I Like You, completely casting aside my previous ignorance and soaking myself in the ocean of his voice. I further indulged in his solo Resignation, in which he invested so much emotion that I ended up trembling from head to toe.

Then a friend sent me a link to Yesung singing The Trap of the North Gate in the studio. I was shivering when he sang the terrifyingly soft beginning, drooling when the camera zoomed in on his beautiful neck, astounded breathless as the song intensified along with Yesung’s ascending vocals, and finally smiled when he professionally put on his beanie and thumped his throat a little after he finished singing. I was definitely in love. Although I couldn’t find much footage of Hong Gil Dong, and could only witness him singing The Trap of the North Gate in the musical and crying during the curtain calls, I knew beyond a doubt that this boy has some serious talent in musicals. I was also completely in love. (Edit: wait, I already said that xD)

So the past three days I embarked on a Super Junior (Yesung especially) photo-collecting rampage. By now I’ve amassed a gallery of 600+ of the funniest/hottest photos, 241 of them solely Yesung and about another 200 of Yesung with the members and his family. I especially doted on pictures of baby Yesung (which I dreamed about having the honor of viewing on the night before my 18th birthday, interestingly enough) and the pictures he uploaded of his three beloved turtles. I thought I was a little obsessed, but was nevertheless certain that I was a cloud in love with the brightest star Yesung.

Finally, just a few minutes ago, that same friend who introduced me to Yesung’s musical prowess also mentioned, uh, his…yadong collection/habit/hobby? WHAT my darling is not as innocent as he seems! But who can blame him…he’s a man nearing 26 yet still single, and it must be difficult for him to cope, hence his turtle companions. Not to mention that he can seduce me with just his eyes, so I can’t consider myself entirely not perverted either. Yesung is just oozing sensuality and passion, so I suppose he has to expel it somehow. Even younger boys like Eunhyuk, Yunho, and Changmin have succumbed to the same guilty pleasure. ;)

And now for a really random list of other reasons why I love him:

- he loves the color red, whether red underwear, strawberries (yum), red glasses, or red flower and parasol in SSIII!
- looks great with kids and has that glow in his eyes when he’s playing with them…has the potential to be a superb father
- was the most adorable baby himself; he was just the same 20+ years ago with that big head, beautiful eyes, tiny eyes, perfect teeth, and that beaming smile that melts my heart
- is extremely filial, and cries when thinking about his parents whom he can’t visit often
- is the best hyung; he always hugs his dongsaengs in a close embrance whenever they’re crying, sad, overwhelmed, or all three
- never got any plastic surgery; still has single eyelids ♥
- his philtrum fetish annoys the other members but also endears him to them…what I wouldn’t give to be touched there by those adorable little hands :P
- likes to act out being killed (stabbed or shot), and is darn good at it
- famous octopus dance that is so ridiculously hilarious
- infamous evil high-five trick in which he pulls away his hand at the last minute
- amazing lung capacity not just in singing, but also in table soccer (scored 3 goals!)
- never dated before, has had the same ideal girl for years (Moon Geun Young…he has good taste!)
- funny crack skit dances (especially Sailor Moon)
- got turtles when jealous of Heenim’s cats (he has eccentric but wonderful taste), and loved his first turtle Dangkoma so dearly that he got him/her two dongsaengs for company
- super speed wave (Love Pursuer)
- makes the use of guyliner super sexy
- goes well in any couple pairing: YeWook, YeKyu, KangYe, YeChul, YeHae, YeWon, YeHyuk, YeHo (Yunho!!)
- really knows how to kill fangirls with his piercing stare (*is dead*)
- so cute in cloud, turtle, Indian chief, broccoli costumes!
- excellent in musicals; he sings The Trap of the North Gate like a warrior god!
- his and Eunhyuk’s short rendition of Kiss Me Darling lulled me to sleep on two nights
- his signature, even without the childish cloud, is so elegant; the heart he drew completely sealed my love ♥

It has to be you, Yesung. (I also got a Twitter just to follow him, haha. I am seriously crazy.)

Yesung, My Singer-Soulmate

I’m in love. Again. Yes, yes, I know…I always fall in love with the same boys over and over again: Junsu, Jaejoong, Yesung, and Kyuhyun in no particular order.

But very recently I just realized how similar Yesung and I are. It’s kinda creepy.

1. Yesung’s favorite color is red. So is mine.

2. Yesung is known for having the biggest head and smallest hands in SJ. I have a big head and tiny hands too.

3. He has somewhat small eyes and a big nose. I have small eyes and a big nose too. :P

4. He loves turtles and gets jealous of other people’s pets. I love turtles (I even made a clay turtle sculpture and painted it green in seventh grade, and it’s still in my room). I always get jealous of other people who are lucky enough to have pets.

5. Yesung’s memory of thinking he was going to die: elementary school, being underwater. I am scared of being underwater and scared to death of drowning.

6. He’s a big fail at everything except singing. He even fails at dancing. Not that I can sing well, but I’m a huge fail too. And can’t dance to save my life.

7. He has a philtrum fetish. I have a hand fetish and by now I think I have a philtrum fetish too.

8. We were both born in August. ♥

Now, a little something to think about as for Jaejoong and Kyuhyun’s similarities and Junsu and Yesung’s similarities. :P

Jaejoong and Kyuhyun are both known to be superb, consistent vocalists. Their voices are as clear as water, as smooth as chocolate. They’re both the same height, 180 cm. They’re always extremely physically attractive. Jaejoong and Kyuhyun give off an aura of perfection. I fell for them at first sight. Also, they’re both good at holding their liquor. ;)

Junsu and Yesung both have raspy, husky voices. Very unique and I can’t get enough of either of their voices. They’re both 178 cm tall. They both have slightly small eyes, big noses, and are physically drop-dead gorgeous most of the time, but not always. Junsu and Yesung are huge dorks. ;)  I fell for them much later, but have grown to love them more than Jae and Kyu. ♥ Also, both of them love soccer, can’t hold their drink, and sing as leads in musicals! Love love love!

Wow, somehow I transferred my drool into a productive analysis of my boys. And it took me only ten minutes. Time to pat myself on the back and then drool some more.

Did I ever mention how hopeless I am? It’s all the fault of his beautiful signature and that heart Yesung drew for me (unknowingly), I swear. I think I shared a few germs with Jongwoon thanks to the paper Jenny sent me. I am on cloud nine. :P

The Wonders of 18

So, lazy me has finally decided to make a decent blog post after turning 18 on August 1st!

I think I should make a list of 18 things that’s been happening to me and what I care about. :)

1. My 18th birthday was also the day of the first full-length K.R.Y. concert, which took place in Tokyo in front of 10,000 Japanese E.L.F.s and was a HUGE success! Whoo!

2. I got Super Junior’s autographs mailed to me from my awesome friend Jenny last week! I’m still jealous that she got to meet all ten boys rehearsing inside SM for SSIII on some day she forgot on the week of July 4th-11th. She got to see them all shirtless (except for Shindong), and my Kyuhyun has abs, and she hugged them all shirtless and sweaty. She gave them a stack of blank papers to sign (LOL), then picked those up at their DORMS which she got to tour. She got to meet their pets too! Heechul’s cats, Yesung’s turtles, and I think Eunhyuk’s doggy too. JEALOUS!

3. Here’s the order in which the boys signed:


4. My descriptions/comments on the autographs:

Shindong’s signature has a crown, good ‘Super Jr.’ handwriting
Yesung’s is recognizable to me, especially the ‘Y’ and ‘g’ that balance each other out; there’s a HEART! ♥
Heechul’s looks like a Christmas tree (supposed to be his ‘Chinese signature’); has two stars
Donghae’s begins with a big lowercase d; hangul name below
Kyuhyun’s is a total unrecognizable mess that begins with a huge ‘C’
Siwon’s is perfect for a role model executive
Ryeowook’s takes two lines’ pretty handwriting of ‘Super Junior’; has smilie face
Sungmin’s begins with a huge curly ‘O’; has star at top; smilie face
Eunhyuk’s is really intricate…or really messy…don’t know difference; pretty good handwriting of ‘Super Junior’
Leeteuk’s is really dark and thick LOL

5. My awesome hostess Buruma has renewed my domain,, for the third time! ♥

6. I got approved for the Lucifer (SHINee album) fanlisting!

7. I finished Chapter 5 of my Yelü Xie story, which I gave a lovely title of Kindest Cruelty and uploaded to FictionPress! Please read and review!

8. My awesome friend Em drew me a warrior girl who kinda represents me and made me a wallpaper out of it! ♥

9. Junsu baby has turned me into a pervert in Intoxication. This song should be R-rated. I couldn’t stop drooling.

10. I think my dilemma of ‘favorite/ideal member’ in DBSK has still never reached a conclusion. If I could only pick one member to meet in real life, I’d probably be dead before I could finally choose between Junsu and Jaejoong. It was love at first sight with JJ, but in about two more months I fell in love with the dolphin too. I think my personality matches Junsu’s more, so technically he would be more ideal as a husband for me (haha yeah right, not even in my dreams). However, domestic life with Jaejoong might be total bliss because of his EXQUISITE cooking skills. I only wish my feet had an aura to them…I think my hands are acceptable enough for Jaejoong though. And I think I’m smart enough for Junsu’s requirements. Haha, but I’m still a far cry from either of their ideal types. :P

11. Similarly, I am facing the same problem between two members in Super Junior. I was attracted to Kyuhyun at first sight. My second and third favorites eventually became Donghae and Siwon, respectively. It’s kind of funny how two of my friends (Jenny and my twin) have each claimed them. When they were my favorites, neither of my friends knew of them. Sometime after that, Yesung became my fourth favorite. After seeing the No Other MV and completely falling in love with his scenes with the balloons and cute children and silver ring tied to the strings, I decided Yesung was my second favorite. Then, when I saw that he had discreetly drawn a heart (the ONLY heart, mind) beside his hangul name on my autograph paper, I honestly thought I was in love with him. Seeing his ultimate fail on variety shows and his hilarious honesty on radio shows endeared him to me even more. Before I knew it, he was battling out Kyuhyun for the top spot. I think that in his own way, he’s even surpassed Kyu. Not to mention his PHILTRUM fetish! So cute. And he has small hand’s, like a girls. Well then, we’re hand twins! ♥ But then I think back on everything Kyuhyun’s suffered, not just as maknae, but also his near-death accident and slow recovery. He deserves all his success and popularity. As with my DBSK dilemma, I can’t choose between Kyu and Jongwoon to meet in real life. However, I think Yesung’s personality matches mine more, and I’d be more than happy to marry him so that he won’t be lonely with only a turtles for company. LOL. And I match Yesung’s description of his ideal type more than Kyuhyun’s. If only I could make my eyes sparkle…but I have a warm enough heart, methinks.

12. I dreamed about Yesung and then Jaejoong last night. I woke up this morning at 7:20 and felt refreshed for the first time in months after sleeping for just 7 hours. My dream with Yesung consisted of me writing happy birthday on his FB wall (LOL what?), since his birthday is August 24th. He replied, thanking me but also expression confusion with smilies over what I meant on one line, which had like a time reference (say 3:40) that seemed like something I would comment on a YouTube video. So then I composed a really long reply in explanation, trying to use simpler English, but couldn’t finish it because I was staying up way too late in my room with my laptop, and apparently my parents had woken up and were going to yell at me. However, I checked the time and totally forgot the different time zones, and didn’t want to post something outdated since I was wishing him happy birthday again (and asked him to smile eternally?) or something cheesy like that on his wall. Hours later, I awoke with tears in my eyes because of Jaejoong. Since I’ll probably never get the chance to do so in real life, I got to at least attend a DBSK concert at Tokyo Dome in my dreams. Except the ocean was sapphire blue, not red…too much SJ lately. I also had direct eye contact with Jaejoong during this play session when lucky chosen fans got to be in this contest/game. First, Jaejoong said anyone wearing “la sangre” could come up on stage. Last night during Spanish class I was looking up “blood” in the textbook glossary to answer the question of what I was hypothetically afraid of. Apparently in my dream it was an epithet for “red.” I was wearing a really ugly red sweater to the concert, haha. I stood up to go on stage, but then he said something about “people in the second section.” I wasn’t sure if I was or not (I was toward the front, but definitely not in the first ten rows). It was really crowded in my row, and apparently I attended with at least four other family members/friends, and my mom/aunt/older-female-figure was trying to persuade me to go up anyway. I was frozen, still unsure. Suddenly Jaejoong had eye contact with me and beckoned me onstage. He looked like a true angel (like he always does). I of course obeyed. T_T

13. I won the Sapphire Pearls 4th giveaway, Bonamana Version B with Siwon photocard, by asking a very difficult question about the meaning/story behind ‘mambo’ in relation to Super Junior! Yay! But I haven’t gotten any reply after sending three e-mails. I wish it’d just arrive already…

14. I am rocking at Spanish! But I don’t know what to do for the oral presentation next Monday. And I really wish the homework assignment would be up already.

15. I watched all of La Corda D’oro, an anime about a girl with a magic violin at an academy specializing in classical music. It inspired me to practice more. Just a little. Too many unrealistically kind bishounen in that anime. Slow-witted main girl too.

16. 3HREE VOICES, the JYJ vacation DVDs, were released a while ago and much of it has been subbed already! I watched several segments of Junsu’s and Jaejoong’s vacations. Junsu’s designated location is Sydney, Australia (he’s following my footsteps!), Jaejoong’s is Whitehorse, Canada (what a beautiful name fit for a beautiful visitor!), and Yoochun’s is Seoul (LOL, how foreign. But since they’re Japanese DVDs, Seoul works, I guess). I can’t wait to see Jae fail at skiing.

17. I got to know a little bit about my future roommate, who I’ll be living with in a couple weeks. Wow, summer’s flown by. :(

18. I’m still trying to get used to being 18. I mean, before, I always wanted to be older. I was so eager to turn 13, 16, and 17, especially. Now that I’m an adult, I’m still wrestling with the fact that I still act, look, and think like a child. I love stuffed animals, fairy tales, everything childish. It’s hard to accept how grown-up my peers seem, and how people younger than me are becoming stars in the entertainment industry. The only thing that makes me feel 18 is how much of a perv I’ve become thanks to my darlings and idols whom I always thought were the epitome of innocence…*cough*Junsu*cough* But I don’t mind. I’ve been drooling bucketfuls over my ideal guys since who knows when. I’d like to keep that tradition going even when the DBSK and SJ boys and I are losing our teeth. I am a Cassiopeia and E.L.F. for life. Eventually I might even consider myself part of SHINee World, as a Shawol. But for now, I am a Cassie before anything else.