Summer Drool

So, after a weekend of tremendous work ethic in completing projects/portfolios and studying for finals, I finished high school with a flourish on Monday!! And reverted right back to my lazy, drooling fangirly self. Oh gosh, I don’t even know where to begin if I choose to recount the guys I’ve pined after since May. But after some brain-racking, I’ve come up with my list in order of who I drooled over first, and ending with my current obsessions. :P

Chiaki (Nodame Cantabile)

Yang Kang (Legend of Condor Heroes) / Yelü Xie (Young Warriors of the Yang Clan) / Lin Mu Fei (Clothing the World, upcoming) – Yuan Hong

Yang Guo (Return of Condor Heroes) – Huang Xiao Ming

Yen-j (Yan Jue, musician)

Luo Xi – Huang Xiao Ming, Ou Chen – Peter Ho (Summer’s Desire)

SS501 – Kim Hyung Jun

SHINee (just a little)

DBSK (love all my boys, especially Kim Junsu and Kim Jaejoong)

Han Solo (Star Wars)

Super Junior – Cho Kyuhyun (♥), Yesung (Kim Jong-woon)

*sigh* I’m hopeless. Currently, Kyuhyun has completed disarmed me with his mesmerizing charm. Aaaah, his charisma is insatiable. He’s improved so much, yet remains the same dorky prince I’ve come to love for so long. Those fancam videos trained on him reveal the sexiest dancing EVER. I literally can’t keep my eyes off him. The other YouTube fangirls’ comments are making me blush, such as when someone mentioned his long legs, most noticeable during his slides. Mmmmm. Kyuhyun doesn’t show off his chest and arms like Teukie (Leeteuk) does, or his arms and underwear like Fishy (Donghae) does, or his abs like Siwon and Hyukkie (Eunhyuk/HyukJae) do, but somehow I STILL manage to get nosebleeds. Beware, this side of my fangirling is very, very bad. As in I’m going to be thinking, dreaming, and wishing Kyu like he’s my own enticing drug. Go Miinah/Bonama and Boom Boom and Your Eyes (a touching Kyuhyun/Yesung duet! *squee*)!

Aaaaah the joys of summer. And beautiful, devoted, unrequited fangirly love. :P

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