Super Junior

So, a friend of mine is off to China and Korea for vacation, and apparently her uncle’s best friend works at SM Entertainment, and she may be staying right next to Super Junior’s dorms!! Shall I take her word for it? Well I offered her $100 for Kyuhyun’s autograph anyway, preferably personally addressed. As if there’s any chance of that. :P

I think today concludes my 9-day Super Junior live performance drool. And luckily I think I’ve watched all of their 3-week 4th album promos, and I’ve just finished with the two best performances of Miinah/Bonamana and Boom Boom. This might as well be a promotion of these two BEYOND PERFECT performances, and I even made a list of the best features of each! Even if you’ve never heard of Super Junior before and have just stumbled upon my blog, WATCH!! Well, if you’re female, anyway. But if I were a guy I would totally go for the pretty boys, so males should watch as well. :P


Bonamana at Inkigayo Comeback Stage on 5/16/10

the colorful outfits; Donghae with the red sash and the rose; Kyuhyun and Yesung’s back-and-forth singing; Leeteuk’s exposure of his upper back; Kyuhyun’s gorgeous slide; Yesung’s beautiful smile

Boom Boom at Inkigayo Comeback Stage on 5/16/10

the planetarium setting; Kyuhyun’s all-black outfit; Donghae’s muscle exposure; Ryeowook’s hair flipping; Heechul’s beauty in full view, without sunglasses or hood; Sungmin’s touching of his face; close-up of Eunhyuk’s abs

Also, just for kicks, this is the Kyuhyun-focused fancam vid I drooled over in my last blog post:

Kyuhyun cam on 5/15/10

Man this dorky prince is killing me with his sexy voice, dance moves, and stares. :P

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