Indeed I wonder, how on earth do I transition from the most intense Super Junior drooling period to SHINee love? I am so excited for that beautiful piece of paper coming in the mail…touched by the fingertips of ten of my idols. :D I’m not going to get too excited yet, because I will blog about this surprise like crazy when the time comes. So this will be a short entry…or so I planned.

I’ve been resisting SHINee for many, many months. Nine, ten? At least twice as long as my Super Junior resistance. Partially it’s because sometimes kpop and entertainment companies *cough*SM*cough* grate on my nerves. Partially it’s because I’m still in that terribly biased “DBSK is unparalleled in this world” mentality. And of course, it’s partially because I didn’t like any of the most popular SHINee songs: Replay, Love Like Oxygen, and Ring Ding Dong. Not to mention I didn’t bother to research the five boys enough to know their ages. I didn’t want to gawk and squeal over them only to find out they’re all younger than me, thus making me more of a pedophile than I ever want to be. Thank heavens only the maknae, Taemin, is younger than me. Both my biases in SHINee are older than me. Yesss. I have permission to drool.

It was probably love at 20th sight with Jonghyun, and drool at 20th sight with Key. Nothing wrong with taking my time before consciously deciding to become a SHINee fan. Even though it was love at first sight with Jaejoong and Kyuhyun, it took me perhaps 50 performances to fall in love with Junsu and Yesung. And I don’t love them any less.

I wouldn’t blame the SHINee boys for this…delayed spurt of love on my part. I would place the blame on their stylists and songwriters. The true lovable characters of these boys aren’t disclosed from live performances which are SM’s pride and joy but the boys’ hard work and toil. It takes candid moments, although even these instances are recorded by a camera or observed by a watchful eye, or otherwise I wouldn’t be able to feast myself upon tidbits of their blooming lives. The radio shows and Music Bank wins are what have endeared the boys, specifically Jonghyun, to me beyond anything I have previously felt.

My first impression of Jonghyun: WOW. I was terribly prejudiced against young, newbie groups the first time I ever laid eyes on him. But honestly, I was stunned speechless by his vocals. Nothing soft or gentle or sweet or tender. It was so, so RAW. Strong, deep, powerful, unyielding, even invincible. His voice reflects his character, too. Jonghyun is the straightforward sort of guy, one who is bold enough to say what he wants and how he feels, thus giving him a ‘bad boy’ image on the surface (and in appearance…oh those striking eyes and gorgeous cheekbones). To leader Onew, Jonghyun is the kindest SHINee member, one who is “always thinking after others silently and secretly, in a way that is not done openly and takes care of the people around him in this way.” Jonghyun of course praises Onew as the most caring and considers himself the “lousiest” (least kind/thoughtful) in the group. By this I bet he’s referring to his bad boy exterior, but underneath he’s actually a big softie.

Want proof? Here it is: SHINee’s Music Bank Win for ‘Juliette’

(Oh, and here are English/Karaoke subs of a hot Ring Ding Dong performance…Jonghyun sure doesn’t need to tell me that he’s a ‘decent guy.’ :P )

Oh my darling Jonghyun…to see a man crying out loud, on stage, in the full view of millions…this can only show how much he’s dedicated to his music, how much effort and hard work he invested in the song he composed, which he is finally being rewarded for. My heart was pounding, my hands were trembling, my eyes were watering at that moment…to see generous and caring Yesung hug and protect Jonghyun again and again, and similarly Siwon holding Onew…it was that moment when I went from just a fan to a devoted admirer and supporter of SHINee. The boys have a long and challenging road ahead of them, and I want to see them grow, learn, succeed, and make mistakes every step of the way. Although Jonghyun is my oppa, I sometimes feel like a protective noona or something. Whatever, regardless, I’m taking him home with me. xD

I am sure that in love, too, he isn’t two-faced and doesn’t play games or sulk in petty jealousies. His ideal kiss (excuse me while I faint) is so simple compared to the other boys’, yet I find myself yearning for it the most. He’s a realistic sort of romantic who wants to kiss under the streetlights by the girl’s home before he leaves after sending her home. *dies*

Now, as for Key…what can I say, he’s the triple threat! Vocalist, rapper, dancer, not to mention a gifted varsity water-skier. He looks super hot in his slick hairstyle, even when his hair is dyed that beautiful dark rainbow of reds, purples, and greens. I wonder how his partially shaved hairstyle in Lucifer will fare. Unfortunately I do nothing but drool over Key, as some elements of his personality, and his description of the ideal woman, do not appeal to me. Physical attraction to him only. As for leader Onew, physically he is not my type, but I LOVE his personality. Meanwhile, I love practically everything about Jonghyun, thus establishing him as my bias. :P

If anyone has read up to this point…wow, thank you for bearing with me. But I must emphasize that although I tend to drool a lot, even in my dreams, I do this only in my spare time or when completing mundane chores or exercising. I mean, when my heart is already beating so powerfully and I’m bored out of my mind yet physically engaged, why not? Although I DO have an unchangeable habit of gluing myself to the screen whenever my boys are featured, I can’t be obsessed with them 24/7. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I may be excessively devoted, but not yet truly insane. My idols are my stress-relievers, my haven especially whenever I get sick from listening to the repetitive screeching of my crude and hypocritical parents.

So this is why I’m so thankful, so blessed, to be able to enjoy the music and dance of boys who have each sacrificed so much in their lives, not to selfishly gain fame and fortune, but to pursue their dreams and share their talents with people like me who are as far from the spotlight as can be. I feel like I have known these idols my whole life, but I am nothing more than a complete stranger to them. Indeed I can do so little to support them. I can’t cheer on for them from the audience when they perform on stage, I can’t help with their song recording, dance choreography, or promotions, I can’t award them the honors they deserve, I can’t hold them when they cry. We are geographically, linguistically, and occupationally so far, yet I foolishly hope to be close to them in spirit for the celebration of humankind’s greatest pleasures: song and dance.

With that said, I eagerly await the release of SHINee’s second studio album, Lucifer, which will come out today in Korea. For the first time I am on time for a new album release! I am super excited to see the boys evolve from cute to hot to finally sexy. Mmmmm.

Edit: WOW. Every song on Lucifer is…*dies* Quasimodo is my favorite, even though I don’t understand any of the lyrics.

Taemin Minho Jonghyun Key Onew

Keep SHINing, my boys. ♥

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