DBSK 3: Promotion

Yeah, this is my first 3-post blogging marathon. DBSK deserves the praise.

Today I discovered the UFOs – and too late to sign the SM Town English UFO petition. This is one of those moments when I wish I were physically closer to them. Korean and Chinese (and often Japanese) fans can have a direct way to communicate with any/all DBSK members, and through quite an intimate method of contact – texting. I spent all morning reading through translations of UFO replies on Cassiopeia Family (though I always had to post in order to see them). To ask the DBSK oppas for encouragement on school exams, to confess their love, to tell a joke…this is even better than Nightwish’s Nightmail, because fans and artists communicate through phone texts, and the right fan could get replies from several members and even initiate a conversation. Let me express my envy. So Chinese fans who don’t know any/much Korean, who probably can’t even pronounce the members’ names correctly, get to text them and receive replies in either Korean or Chinese (from Yunho) or English. All that simply on the basis that they reside in China. No fair. I’d get a phone (yes, I don’t have a cell phone) just for UFOs if it were possible.

Now time to promote. I’ve spent far too much energy drooling, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to post URLs. After all, I’d have to keep typing target=”blank” for new windows, and already one of my favorite videos has disappeared, and I definitely don’t want to waste effort on dead links. So here goes my selection of the best DBSK MVs, performances, covers, dramas, shows, and DVDs. Check out any/all of them on YouTube.

Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou (Why Did I Fall in Love With You)

Love in the Ice
Wrong Number
Don’t Say Goodbye
Are You a Good Girl
You’re My Melody
Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou and Summer Dream (A-Nation 2008)
Choosey Lover

I Can’t Put it Into Words
Lion Heart

Mini Dramas:
The King’s Man parody
Unforgettable Love
First Love
Dangerous Love
The Masked Fencer
Uninvited Guest
Finding Lost Time
Tokyo Holiday

Guest Appearances:
Rainbow Romance (Yunho)
Golden Fishery (Yoochun and Jaejoong)

Upcoming Dramas:
Paradise Meadows (Changmin)
Headbutting the Ground (Yunho)
Heaven’s Postman (Jaejoong)

Cassiopeia (Yunho)
Beautiful Life (Junsu and Changmin)
The Way U Are (Jaejoong)
Eternal (Yoochun)

Star Show
Star King
Come to Play
Cooking Variety Show
DBSK BigEast 2nd/3rd Fanclub Event
Fantastic Partners (Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin)
Music Japan Special
Family Outing (Junsu and Yunho)
Shin Dong Yup and Shin Bong Sun’s Champagne

DBSK “Bonjour Paris”

I would say that the most worthwhile shows to watch are DBSK’s appearances in Star Show, Star King, and Come to Play (downright hilarious during the first half, but more deep the second half). DBSK in Paris is a rousing adventure; I was vicariously experiencing Paris through them. Sooo many great and funny scenes:

Junsu’s butt hurts, they sing a capella, Jaejoong gets attacked by tree branches, Yunho yells “everybody put your hands up” and “Korea fighting” to whole crowds of people, Jaejoong’s mission to get 5 people to wave back to him on boats and buses, Junsu drunk on sugary beverages, Yunho slapping horse’s butt on merry-go-round, Yoochun pretending he’s Jamaican, Yoochun’s dog showered, bowing pharaohs, Junsu’s gibberish, little girl scared of Yoochun in playground, Junsu food snatching, Jaejoong’s UFO trick, Micky & Minnie, Jaejoong’s diagonal run, Junsu and Yunho fly kicking and handstands, naming myths of fountain, Yunho’s prada wears the devil, Yunho still thinks Paris is a country at the end of the trip, Paris to Yunho = party, Paris to Junsu = mosquito, Changmin being the only sane person, but narcissistic enough to check his reflection in the glass display of a movie poster…wow that was the longest sentence ever. But, watch “Bonjour Paris” and support DBSK!

Aja aja hwaiting, oppas!

As for the lawsuit issue that started at the end of July…I fully support Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun oppas! SM Entertainment has gone too far with a 13-15 year contract, letting each member get 0.4-1% of the total profits, and tiring the boys out with so many events that they only get 3-4 hours of sleep each night. Today (August 21st) was the first day in court…and darn the SM lawyers for implying that Junsu’s advance payment last month (to settle his account for income taxes) was used to file the lawsuit. And why on earth would Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun becoming owners of a cosmetic company violate the “exclusive” contract with SM? I support DBSK all the way and hope they pass through this crisis with SM soon without conflicts among the members. And Cassiopeias always remember that 5-1=0!!

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