More Yesung Love Part 2

Some other random facts about Yesung I either forgot to mention yesterday or just discovered ;) This boy is sooo lovable. ♥

- tends to initiate the bobos and hugs (Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Kangin)
- sends the most serious yet tender flying kiss to fans
- has the weirdest, most contagious laugh EVER which lasts quite a while and gets progressively more high pitched
- master of not tasting anything: amazing ability to remain expressionless when eating spicy peppers (3 hottest in the world!) and even loads of wasabi
- hot hot hot pelvic thrusts!
- most adorable winks!
- very gorgeous body (mmm eyes, nose, lips, arms, neck, chest, and Jeju Island shaped birthmark on his lower abs)
- acting as Street Fighter (1000 Songs Challenge) and embarrassing the other members (Leeteuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun, Donghae) with his serious dorkiness
- he’s a narcissist who always checks himself in the mirror and loves self-photography, yet is very particular when giving instructions to men who pose cutely when photographing themselves
- was born to be a pro face-painting artist (poor Eunhyuk!)
- has a habit of peeling his shirt over at least his stomach when he gets hot
- is a super cute geek when wearing framed specs
- has a very colorful and organized room
- is the master of cute poses
- used to have a puppy, and when Joanne acts as his puppy on Star Golden Bell, he asks her where she went to pee LOL
- was born in the year of the dog (zodiac)…I love dogs! Monkey (me, not Eunhyuk) + dog (Jongwoon) = love! Actually, turtle + turtle = love. We’re both turtle lovers. :P
- enjoys taking off Eunhyuk’s socks so that his smelly feet can help the MC clear his sinuses
- fails at tongue twisters universally, not just Chinese ones but Korean ones too
- on EHB, he feels sleepy after inhaling laughing gas while the other members are rolling on the floor laughing, sweating, producing tears, and getting runny noses. FAIL!
- on a Cantonese interview that involved drawing ideal girls, Yesung drew the left half of his ideal girl’s face and then totally ignored the question; with a totally serious expression on his face, he went on to talk about Dragonball, Sun Wukong, and Batman. When asked what he would say when confessing to his ideal girl, Yesung said he would tell her that he wanted to learn martial arts from Sun Wukong and be Robin to Batman.
- when it was announced that he won the ‘best idol image’ award, he was caught drinking water…totally unprepared!
- wore red sneakers that totally stood out on Shin Jeonghwan PD’s Variety World
- looks like an elementary school kid when wearing yellow punishment hat
- the master at movie charades

Also, Yesung and I are similar on so many more levels.

9. We have the same crazy loud laugh that can’t be suppressed no matter how hard we try.
10. When completely overcome with laughter, we tend to slap the arm of the friend who made the joke. None too lightly.
11. Last night I dreamed of having my own extremely large and rare turtle that liked to blink at me with its beautiful golden eyes.

Let’s get married, Yesung.

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  1. Rosi says:

    hey, i was just typing “i love yesung” on google and came across this and i have to say, i love your descriptions towards him hahah i’m an extreme hardcore yesung fan too and i have to admit that i did almost similar things as you (creating a page on twitter, downloading yesung pics, watching his vids, etc etc) and now that i think about it, i’m not the only crazy one here haha! :D

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