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The Negligent Blogger is Back!

on July 12, 2011

Wow, it’s been five months since I’ve last blogged. I was heartbroken for a really long time after the tragedy in Japan, and my only solace was in donating to the relief efforts in JYJ’s name. I was also terribly sad to miss my second chance to see JYJ live because my parents forbade me AGAIN. Too much else has also happened for me to squeeze everything into one little entry! I’ve successfully completed my first year of college, gotten my first job at a hotel restaurant, bought three cute little goldie fishies, continued to work on my novel (currently just at 50,000 words), and picked up translating Jin Yong’s Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (Gu Long’s Meteor, Butterfly, Sword is on hold, and I’ve also begun translating a story by Cang Yue).

I still can’t get over the glory of DB5K days and I know I’ll never live to see the day when another group surpasses them. I’m wracking with sobs every time I listen to Love in the Ice, Stand By U, Bolero, or any of their other heartwrenching songs. They’ll always be the only true kings in my heart.

After abstaining from kpop completely for several months, I’ve finally dived back in and fallen in love with Park Jung Min from SS501. I’ve never truly been a Triple S, and I’ve always been Hyun Joong biased, but ever since the beginning I’ve had a soft spot for Jung Min even when I didn’t even know his name. Just like with Yesung, when I saw Jung Min’s adorable signature, I think my knees started to wobble for the first time.

Thank you so much for sending me so many beautiful autographs of Asian stars, Jenny!!! I stare at them every day and want to smother them in kisses just like with Super Junior’s last year.

2NE1, B2ST, Big Bang, BoA, HoMin, Rain, SS501, SHINee

Fahrenheit (Wu Zun, Aaron, Jiro), Jay Chou, Jimmy Lin, JJ Lin, Mike He, Nicholas Teo, Wang Leehom

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