Hyvää Joulua!

Merry Christmas, everyone. :)

I’m really happy that the laptop I ordered after Thanksgiving arrived just a week ago. Lovely screenshot here…beautiful wallpaper, eh? I’m loving Windows 7 and FireFTP, which I installed on the laptop and is a million times better than FileZilla, which I currently use.

Not to mention that in addition to December 25 being Christmas, it’s also the birthday of Nightwish’s Tuomas Holopainen (♥) and the sixth anniversary of DBSK (♥)! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

So to celebrate, here comes a couple of DBSK performances from Tokyo Dome!! My gods, look at Cassiopeia, the red ocean!! And the rising gods of the east on stage!!! Flawless performances. You can see the beads of sweat on their faces, their soulful eyes as their pour their hearts into the songs…plus Love in the Ice is sorta winter-themed and therefore relevant to Christmas, eh? Enjoy and shed tears. :)

[HD] Love in the Ice
[HD] Mirotic and Heart Mind and Soul

As for holiday games…well on Wednesday I played Apples & Apples in Latin for the first time! And lost because I only got three cards. The adjectives are supposed to describe you…well, mine were: responsible, filthy, and cold. Whooo. Since I lost I had to clean up. :P But then at yesterday’s fantastic Christmas party I totally wiped the floor. My cards were: inspirational, wild, sultry, hot, healthy, explosive, demanding, sweet, lovable, hostile, spunky, wicked, rich, and glamorous (courtesy of a useless good memory). Yay me. Plus I got to meet a 24-year-old grad from my high school who graduated from Cornell in financial engineering and now works on Wall Street. My dream too, perhaps? His parents’ house is actually diagonally behind mine, and I never knew. Haha. He plays hockey (my hockey card sure helped me win the healthy card in Apples & Apples while he was judging) and from far away looked like SuJu’s Siwon, though up close not really. :P

Well, now I have seven college essays left to write, whoo. And I’m still having trouble picking specific departments/colleges/majors. Darn. I’ll just have to think of the encouragement of my two double 2400 friends from CC. :P Since I got deferred from Y, I’ll have to work hard on these essays. And if worse comes to worse I’m going to study abroad in Finland, get a job at Nokia, marry a certain Finn, and live happily ever after (joking about the second to last one). :P

I also got tons of homework, although the Lit poetry journal assignment seems scrumptious. And I want to start writing my new sci-fi novel. Never finished my three previous novels, haha.

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