New Year's Resolutions

Happy (belated) New Year. Whoo zen in 2010. :)

A very rudimentary resolutions list:


1. Stop being slightly OCD about perfect handwriting.
2. Don’t get below a B+ in physics or calc.
3. Hopefully get over two more college acceptances (highest likelihood of four acceptances out of seven).
4. Unleash some more brainpower in class (bad tendency to doze or obsess over handwriting).


1. Actually finish one of the four novels I’ve started that are still at page 30 or so. Hopefully first priority will be my new sci-fi novel, which should ultimately reach at least 100,000 words.
2. Watch more ancient China movies/dramas. Definitely Painted Skin and finish Return of Condor Heroes. Also listen to more Chinese music, especially Jane Zhang.
3. Fall in love with someone who’s not in DBSK or SJ-M. :P

I hope to fulfill most, if not all of them. By the end of the year, anyway. Wish me luck. :P

One Response to “New Year's Resolutions”

  1. Lydia says:

    Ooooh you’re writing novels?! That’s so awesome! I can’t seem to get myself to actually write anything….

    Falling in love can be an unfortunate resolution. So far this year I’ve fallen in love with a dead person (Salvador Dalí), an imaginary person (Jacob Black) and my math professor. See? Unfortunate. =p

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