DBSK 1: Intro

So, as I’ve lamented in my previous post, computers have been hating me viciously this past week. I’m doomed for my internship posters…and I haven’t really done anything this summer except reading too much Chinese and attempting some Korean. Oh, and I also attempted to type up one of my favorite books that is going out of print, which I got through an interlibrary loan, but I only typed around 20,000 words and gave up. Now I shall only think happy thoughts. Yes, happy DBSK thoughts. The only reason I survived mowing the lawn for an hour and a half two days ago in 88-degree weather was because I was keeping my mind busy replaying a DBSK performance of Hey! (Don’t bring me down), in which Junsu’s pelvic thrusts and duck butt drove all the girls wild. Of course, that made me burn up in the heat even more, but at least I had DBSK’s “angel” in mind so that I wouldn’t go crazy and do something stupid, like cut off my foot (if that’s possible with a lawn mower).

This post is more or less going to be a love letter to DBSK, haha. It’s been only two months and my opinion of these five singers has changed drastically. At first I thought only some of them were smoking hot performers, with Jaejoong the only one worth drooling over. I was so wrong. ALL of them are not just hot and talented, but also caring, funny, smart, and oh-so-lovable! And the lead singer Jaejoong isn’t even my favorite any more. Junsu oppa is! <3

Everything about them makes me drool bucketfuls. From gorgeous live performances to parodies/mini-dramas to variety shows, DBSK exerts their 110% effort with brilliant smiles.

Here’s an intro to the DBSK members, in the order they perform, from left to right:

Kim Junsu (Xiah) – my darling <3
Park Yoochun (Micky) – best at English
Kim Jaejoong (Hero) – lead singer, pretty boy
Shim Changmin (Max) – youngest, tallest
Jung Yunho (U Know) – leader

More fangirliness to come later.

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