Lovely Obsession


Hello and welcome to Lovely Obsession, a small site created by me, Xaari/Sherry, in July 2007 that reveals my obsessive side. :D

After some inspiration from Julie Mary's LiveJournal post, I've decided to make my own top 10 celebrity crush list.

They are, of course, in descending order: Hayden Christensen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tony Leung, James Marsters, Gaspard Ulliel, Gerard Way, Jesse McCartney, Rafael Nadal, Orlando Bloom, and Stuart Townsend.

I first saw Hayden Christensen in the ever-popular Star Wars series. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but Hayden as Annikin Skywalker/Darth Vader in the series was clearly the spark, the star, the whatever of Star Wars. He's a charming and gallant young man, in case you didn't know. :D

Leo is one of those irresistible actors who mothers and even grandmothers are in love with. I saw him in the ever-famous 1997 movie Titanic, and later in many other movies, including a certain version of Romeo & Juliet. But Leo's not restricted to the big screen. He's interested in humanity and makes sincere efforts to spread the word about global warming, which makes him ever more charming.

Tony Leung is without doubt my favorite Asian actor. I first saw him in the 2002 movie Hero (Ying Xiong), where he portrayed Broken Sword. I loved his appearance and voice, and son afterwards started watching as many movies starring him as possible. Ah, the good old fangirling days.

I was watching my first few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV in the summer of 2005. I loved it so much and easily became interested with Spike the vampire. Soon I was watching BtvS every day from 1-3 in the afternoon, and even during boring episodes I watched it all for the sake of dear James. It wasn't long before I discovered his band, Ghost of the Robot, and fell in love with his voice as well.

Gaspard is my favorite foreign actor of all times (he's French). I first saw him on the big screen in the 2007 movie, Hannibal Rising. He's gorgeous and I became quite obsessed over him. He has an interesting charm about him that makes you...addicted?

In the summer of 2005, I was bored and flipping channels on the TV. A music video came up, and it was Helena by the band My Chemical Romance. Gerard Way, as the lead singer, immediately captivated my attention. And after was MCR and Gerard addiction for life!

It's not hard to fall in love with Jesse's voice. I fell for it when I was listening to Beautiful Soul on those plug-in radio things on an airplane trip. I immediately loved the song and snatched the menu pamphlet, and listened to that song whenever it came on during that 8-hour trip. Back at home, on the TV or on the Internet, it's even easier to fall in love with Jesse himself. It didn't take me half a second to declare him my favorite male musician.

Dear Rafa is my favorite athlete of all time. I was a huge fan of his phenomenal tennis skills since his mid-teen years, and I watched him reach world no. 2 in men's singles tennis with joy. On the court he is fierce and aggressive, but off-court he is ever the gentleman, polite and courteous. Huzzah huzzah!

Orlando Bloom is hot, sexy, macho, whatever word you want to describe him. I first saw him as the elf, Legolas Greenleaf, in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies. It wasn't until later that my best friend Emily told me the actor was Orli - and from then on I had a very queer obsession over him. Mmm!

Yes, Stu is my most beloved celeb. I first saw him in the 2002 movie Queen of the Damned, based on Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, where he played the role of the vampire and rock star Lestat de Lioncourt. I couldn't help but fall head over heels in lurve with that man who excels all in appearance, voice, and charm. He is the perfect man of my dreams - what's more to say about him, honestly?