Domain Name

As I've mentioned, I was utterly and completely ecstatic when Buruma offered to buy me a domain and host it. For over a year I had made countless lists of possible and pretty-sounding domain names in my spare time, and after checking their availability, I narrowed down the list. Of course, I also made a list of "dream domains" - domains consisting of short and simple words that were no doubt registered or parked, such as "" or ""

It wasn't until a full day of sheer brutal brainstorming that I began to think of words like "obsessee," "fanatic," "addict," and "aficionada" that revealed my very zealous personality. Of course, words like those were all taken - but "" wasn't. sounded and looked much better than, so that's the domain I picked and asked Buruma to register.

When I started moving my fanlisting collective and e-mailing affiliates to change the URLs, I finally realized where my domain name inspiration had come from. Emily, who's also the owner of the List-Me Directory where I reside as part of the staff, owned the fanlisting for the United Kingdom, which was one of the many affiliates of my United States of America fanlisting. When I finally found her e-mail address - - that's when it hit me. Perhaps a long time ago when I asked her to be affiliates, I retained a faint memory of that unique e-mail address, and perhaps that's how the domain name had popped into my mind. Anyways, Emily discovered that as well and sent me a good-natured e-mail about it. Well, thanks for the inspiration!