Angel's Wings

December 2006

Okay, firstly I remember biking on a highway to Beijing. Then I got into a car with some random people on this three-story outside parking lot. I think I had a boyfriend... anyways, he took me to the outside of these two amazing castles. He said that his ancestors had lived and reigned in there... and then he took me to the largest, most beautiful inside garden. It looked probably like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and he said it was built just for me... *sniff* I think this is a sign to get a boyfriend soon... and oh yeah, there was this gorgeous shallow marble-based fountain, and some characters from Harry Potter jumped in there... don't look at me like that! I told you that I have weird dreams!

I was taking a vacation to India... it was a big city, lots of buildings, very polluted and cloudy skies. I remember looking out the window of the hotel (it was a wooden building) and trying to count how many countries I had now traveled to. I remember feeling very triumphant. ^ ^

I dreamed that I went over to Chelsea (who barely knows me)'s house, and it was pretty dreary looking, especially in the basement. She said that I'd be so excited to meet her older brother (a guy who I sort of like but who is not Chelsea's brother). Weird.

I was touring in Asia at some national park or whatever, and there were a bunch of gangly figures clad in black who were members of the "Black Society" - which in Asia is a gigantic gang of criminals. They were behind this silver-wired fence, like in a zoo, and they were doing stunts. Dad goes juggling with a bunch of plastic bowling pin/baseball bat things. Later my Uncle tried to poison either me or my dad with a glass of yellow carbon dioxide (weird). Then I had a flashback... my dad, my mom, and I were fighting against one-three members of the Black Society. My dumb, useless mom was like a porcelain doll... she fell on her face and all her limbs snapped to pieces, blood spurting everywhere.

Jason was bugging the hell out of me at this weird mall/hotel/boarding school place.

I was riding in a car and saw playgrounds and temples flash by. There was some architecture contest going on. Then I arrived at a stone dungeon with stairs descending into the dark abyss. I, and a few other people, were waiting for an appointment with some doctor. Idiot Jason was waiting half an hour for his dad. There were silver coins on the stairs, which could transport people in and out. I found one, then many afterwards, but they didn't glow like when people transported back and forth. I soon found out that there were only four coins that worked. So then Hinder came to rehearse (and that time I didn't even know how many people were in Hinder or what they looked like). So there were 4-5 guys, one with curly shoulder-length red-brown hair and one earring. There was another one, with long, wavy dirty-blonde hair. They rehearsed by this brick wall next to a barbeque thing, and I got to be in a picture with them. ^ ^

Two dreams:1. There was a school field trip or something to Arabia. I was looking at maps with weird languages on the plane. I didn't bring any credit card or money. I missed the chance to get my mom's card number or some cash and the currency exchange desk after we got off the plane. There was a nice woman with a slight accent who was talking to us. Then we were outside, waiting for a bus to take us to our hotel. I asked Mrs. Shea, who rolled her eyes at me. She said that the bus whould come in five minutes, and it was too late to go back. I asked Fabby, who had $81, but she wouldn't share. I also asked Devleena, who said that she had forgot money and a credit card too, but she called her mom. An idea suddenly came to me, but I remembered that my mom's phone numbers were in my assignment book, which I didn't bring along in my backpack. The sky was darkening, and we had to go to our hotel...
2. There was some contest with people from another school and me against my own school. We had to go floating on a piece of ice traveling through cold waters between icebergs, after being stranded on a snowy island where I thought some neighbors' houses were. Then we went through a gray-brown tunnel to find the auditorium where people were getting ready for an orchestra concert. The place was also kind of like a musty old basement with stairs going up. Carrie was showing off and practicing madly with Jamie and Zeynep. Aimee came late with her violin. Then I sat down in a chair in the audience, and a girl on my left offered yummy cookies to me and ember, who was on my right. I took two. Also, Emily was with three friends - Tasmeen and two others. They went up the stairs and were giggling madly, Tasmeen third in line and Emily last, and Emily shot me a glance before giggling and going up the stairs as well. I felt kind of betrayed.

I was in China, and stayed in an apartment/hotel in Beijing because it was too hot to go out. I saw Taishya by the flat screen computer in the corner of the room, and her mother was watching her make designs, a proud mommy. I later went out to the center square with fountains to play volleyball... and then played on some ship. Carrie was being really mean to me, but I tried my best to stick to my team, with two of the guys on my volleyball team and the other guy who asked me about them (I don't like naming guys' names just in case), without a bunch of sluts in my way.

Okay so one morning I went along the bike path, real close to the high school, which was a taller red building with a shorter green building for the middle/elementary school. The school was new... it had escalators and interesting staircases, almost like a high-class private mall. I remember trying to skip a class (English, I think, where me and Ember were doing a presentation. Ember danced while I sang "Imagine Me Without You" with Yuna and Tidus on the screen, like kareoke). I went around to the bathroom... but it was crowded with BOTH genders, Nick and another guy opposite. The toilets were out in the open, with only a turquoise half-door to cover oneself. I ran away, and later went with Ember and Allie on a raft, floating on flooded water in an unlighted part of the school.

So, I was going along the same shortcut to school. I walked down the steps out the door, and ran into... was it Sungchuk and Sammy?? First I wouldn't believe there really was a shortcut to school (I had dreamed it up the night before), but the bike path forked, and I agreed to turn left. There was a parking lot and plaza but we got to school all right. However, my homeroom had no freshmen - they were almost all seniors. How depressing. Was it the first day of school? I have no idea.

So, I was at the mall. At the grocery place, there was a contest of picking five fruits/nuts/etc. I had a banana and long weird orange thing, then pretzels and cracker stuff in my basket. They had to be symbolic, so either my banana/orange thing were sweet, and therefore symbolic of desire or something stupid like that. Later, the lights were turned on and off, and there were complex escalators. I had a goldfish food bottle in my hand, and saw Lydia on one of the escalators. She was armed with a gun, held in her black gloved and chained right hand. I hurried up to catch up to her. Outside, we were caught by the guard/police, who let us through because Lydia hid her gun and all I had was a goldfish food bottle in my hand, which they sniffed before letting us pass.

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