Angel's Wings

February 2007

I was with Edward (hottie!!) and we were running away from these weird predator people. Werewolves? Other vampires? No idea. So we were running across this snowy field, and up this ruined building to the top floor. We ducked under some old wooden boards and saw a door with the paint all faded and the doorknob rusted. It was an abandoned, tiny two or three-room apartment. I was going to ask Eddie how to lock the door when he just sat down on an overstuffed couch and said to leave it unlocked. Surprised, I went inside a dark room, hid behind my shiny violet coat, and pretended to be dead. When the predators found us, I pretended to be dead, but I couldn't help but laugh and then I guess I woke up.

Four mini-dreams:
1. My fishy died because the height of the water made it too hard to breathe. Poor fishy ran out of breath, and flipped upside down, dead.
2. I was at TFL, and the Orlando Bloom fanlisting had been removed - open for apps! I was jumping up and down with glee.
3. I was at Leslie's studio, and Akhil was lying on the ground while Nikhil was reclining on the couch. Nikhil was saying something like he was only taking 30-minute lessons because he could no longer afford 45-minute long ones.
4. Hmm... again, it was a wild goose chase with guys on motorcycles and in high-class SUVs and jeeps. I was holding hands with a really tall guy at night... UH OH I think I know who it is... *runs and hides in a corner*

Hmm... a combination of very weird and fuzzy dreams. I was at this guy's locker which was next to mine, and he was showing me his cool timer device thing stuck to the top side when Jason started bugging me again. S**t. And then my dad turned into Andy (or it was the other way around), and I noticed how huge his hands were. And my fishy somehow got out of the tank and died because there was no water, and I tried to convince myself over and over again that it was just a dream.

Okay so I had a bunch of small dreams... first I was living in this grand house, and me and my mom were walking on this high plank above which my dad was playing tennis at a court. I met up with a tall, slender Asian woman with short hair and a clip, who was arguing with her elderly father. Then a tall, slender blonde-brown-haired guy, all dressed up in fancy clothes and looking very handsome, was talking in very bad Chinese to beg the father to let him marry the woman. He was saying something like he had been the ex-heir to the throne of England.

Two dreams, one of them SO awesome!! This will be archived shortly!!!
1. I was at this party in an "area", and there was a tiny tent where my 20-year-old distant cousin and her parents were saying good-bye to me, and tried to give me lots of money. They left, and I went down the old, rusty stairs of the tent and tripped over some sharp metal rod when I was hopping over the tiny fence. Then Akhil started racing down it and we saw this big, red-bricked high school, some parts of it one-story and some parts of it two-story. As we crossed the street, we noticed that the school had a big outdoor swimming pool, except now it was rather dirty with rainwater. We were racing to get across to the other side of the school, so Akhil immediately started wading through the pool water (which was waist-deep when he first started). I thought he was insane and I ran around the outside of the school, which was a much longer route, and I kept tripping over things.
2. Okay, this was the most awesome dream ever, and the first one with actually me with a celebrity. *faints with joy* Here goes... I was playing tennis at a stadium against my hero, idol, favorite celebrity *drum roll* ROGER FEDERER! It was the first round of a major tournament, though there were lots of flaws in my dream: 1. There was no score board; 2. There was no commentator; 3. The stadium and tennis court were much too long in length and much too short in width, which made it especially hard for me to serve across the net and then hit the ball in bounds; and 4. The biggest flaw is that men and women are not supposed to compete against each other!! But anyways, continuing... the crowd gave a huge round of applause to Roger when he stepped into the court, but almost none for me. He was SO handsome with curly dark brown hair and that sweet smile planted on his face, though the smile was for his fans and not for me. I was given a really crappy racket that was badly strung and way too small. I missed almost every serve, and made very stupid flaws. The little people running to get the stray balls... (what shall I call them, fetchers?) always threw the balls sideways at me, so I had to chase after them into a corner and then pick them up. Roger threw some tennis balls to me too when they went astray, but thankfully his aim was much better than the fetchers'. My parents were basking in the glow of Roger's talent and my suckiness, and the crowd cheered in a deafening roar when the score was what, 25-1 or 25-2 (not the scores in real life; these were the numbers I remembered from my dream). So the second round of the match began (ugh, I seem to have forgotten all of my terminology), and I served. The ball actually went over, and hit the sideline, so it was still an 'in'. But Roger and everyone else had been so certain that I wouldn't even be able to touch the net that they were stunned. Why? Because I had finally realized that the reason I couldn't even hit the ball as far as the net was because I was standing so far behind the baseline. Stupid me. And then I kept on serving, and I won about five in a row. Suddenly, Roger's people, all dressed up in black, stood in a line and bowed. My "people" were similarly dressed and they bowed back. Then Roger gave full eye contact to me and bowed. I had NO idea what to do (remember, bowing is not a tradition in real life tennis). Now I did know that the competitors were supposed to meet up at the net at the end of a game and shake hands or something, so we both moved toward the net. He apologized to me for withdrawing from the game, saying that losing would earn a very bad reputation from his fans. He congratulated me, and though hesitant at first (well duh, he doesn't normally play against small-builded 14-year-old girls, does he?) he came over and patted me on the back. That soon turned into a hug *faints again* and I *cough* started sobbing onto his back, or at least was on the verge of tears. Roger had to bend down very low to reach me, anyways... I am definitely really short compared to him. I said something like I didn't care whether he/me lost/won, and that I just wanted to see him and maybe get his autograph, but a nice bear hug was much better than all that. He smiled and left. Now wasn't that a nice, long dream? Love and hugs to Roger!! <3

I was going home and opened the door, only to be extremely surprised by the hopping in of a large rabbit from another tiny door that I had never noticed before. I tried to kick out the rabbit, momentarily succeeding, but the next day it just came back. The rabbit said that it was cursed by a Spanish military commander, who had also cursed other rabbits and some children from South Africa (apparently the ones Oprah Winfrey had been trying to get into her Leadership Academy). I ran off to help the rabbit, and was in this forest setting where the Spanish general, who looked a lot like Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, was preparing to hang all the children and slaughter the bunnies. I (or someone else) chased the Spanish guy into a corner. The commander pulled out a crooked, thin black gun and pointed it at me, but I whisked out mine almost as fast and he didn't get to shoot. I ran at him at full speed, with my gun sort of protecting my heart area and still pointed at him, and the Spanish guy ran to duck behind a large rock, his back to me. I shot clean through his back but he wasn't nearly dead. He hid behind the rock, and I was in this dream state beside him, watching him reveal a silver pocket knife from inside a rotten apple, preparing to commit suicide rather than die at the hands of a mere little girl like me. :)

Gosh, another dream about my fishy. Well, I got my fishy another fishy, rather large in size but still submissive like the one that I bought to be a companion for my fishy, but died. :( So it had something green on its nose, and then it was being picked on by my very aggressive fishy. I had to get something to separate the two in the tank and feed them separately, or something like that... *sighs*

Three dreams:
1. Hmm... I was with Sarah and Rebecca, and I heard my parents and theirs talk about Sarah being bugged by this neighbor guy who was begging on his knees to marry her... *cough* she's only 13! And later Rebecca was lying on her bed with a heavy fever, and I didn't know how to fix it.
2. I was a photographer - maybe at photography camp? Anyways, I recall snapping a really awesome pinkish-orangish-yellowish photo of a sunset and a gigantic, beautiful flower. And I was sitting on the flower, too, looking like a fairy or something. Now how did I take that picture when I was in it?
3. I was squooshed up on this long, thin white bench with a whole bunch of other Asians... around my age or older. I remember seeing crossed knees, navy skirts, and black shoes a lot. They were all accomplished, smart, everything better than me. But then there was a recruitment for spies, and I was one of the five chosen out of at least a hundred. I remember gleefully gliding past some angry girls my age... hmph, it's about time they realized I'm much more than the idiots they are. I am seriously not afraid of anything - well, I dislike many things and really hate some, but not like terrified-fearing-oh-I'm-going-to-die-kind-of-thing. So then me and someone else hid behind a small wooden bookshelf, watching this wicked young woman nearby through the tiny slits. She saw us, but I jumped out and opened a can of coke or something, and sprayed it at her eyes and face. She screamed, and we got what we wanted and ran for it. I became a total hero. :)

Okay, so I was totally head over heels crazy over this chubby guy - Ethan/Kenny (from 6th grade tech lab/freaking me out in science with jars of dead octopus). So we walked into this really


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