Angel's Wings

January 2007

I was with my parents in a building. Each room in the building had a sliding glass door on a side of the wall that led to the outside. There were potted green plants hanging above. My mom wanted me to open the door when I locked her out of one of the rooms. I left a gap in the sliding door and went out. I wounded my way back inside by going in a conceived entrance, which led to a maze locker room place. People were lifting weights (I believe I had this dream some time ago). I went outside again, saw all those identical glass compartments, found one with the gap in the sliding door, and slipped in to the extreme surprise of my mom, who was talking to my 17-year-old cousin and her mom (my aunt). They were so surprised because being total idiots, they didn't notice the gap in the sliding door, and thought that the glass was like a see-through wall.

I was dancing with a British prince (hmm... Cinderella, anyone?) who had a long brown ponytail. He was tall and all dressed up like in the 1800s. It was a pre-wedding dance, and we danced on exact rows of square tiles (the steps had to be very precise). My parents were very happy, for we all moved into the mansion/palace and were striking rich.

I winded up in a conflict in "town square", and witnessed a replay of the Battle of Gettysburg. I tried to come back to my Lexington house through a bright green bush trail leading to my backyard with a swimming pool. My fish tank had my fantail, plus another mother and baby fantail all swimming at the top, and two crabs at each corner of the bottom of the tank. Something was wrong... I think my fish got caught in my sock and its tail disappeared... eek. So I brought the tank with me to see the vet. The waiting room was a library, and the patients all had to sit on shelves. Then, a beaded-string worm thingy was put into my aquarium. It was said to be the most beautiful worm, but also the most dangerous - a whiplash of the white parts of its tail could poison anything. So the wormy killed my crabs (I couldn't even eat them because they were poisoned), and my three fish were all huddled around, terrified.

I was going to Germany, so certain that I was going to visit another country at last and that it was not just another dream (too bad it was). I remember being on the plane with my parents, and then upon arrival a banquet was thrown in our honor (and some people at school's honor too, because they came along as well). I remember heaping on a brown chocolate cake cookie, as well as three gigantic chocolate chip cookies freshly baked. They were crisp and chewy, ever so delicious!!!

I had bangs... teh awesomeness, and buck teeth, not-so-teh-awesomeness. I kind of had like one of those salon haircuts on Gaia, and those white, pink-gummed buck teeth. Yep.

I had my cool gold fantail in its tank, plus three cutie little white bunnies in a tiny little cage. I think all four pets died twice... I kind of cried my head off or something like that.

I was stuck with my mom in this really weird version of school. First we went off to lunch in the cafeteria. The lunch lady put a chicken-beef-lettuce burger and two other items on my tray. And instead of the regular milk cartons, I got two tiny ketchup-sized cups of milk that were actually for putting in coffee. Then we went upstairs to world history, and the classroom was like a band room/auditorium, with a huge screen up front. We were watching a movie. I don't know why, but I tried to seat myself as far away from Jason as possible. After the movie (more like educational documentary) ended, the band director came in. I think I played violin in the marching band or something stupid like that. He said we had to practice four times a week, sometimes during study hall or lunch, in order to be well prepared for the tour to Europe in a month or two. Natalie had a smile planted on her brace-face with freckles. Hmph.

Two dreams:
1. So, a balloon fell into the gap between the right side of my red futon and the wall. Then I got warped into this weird Mickey Mouse cartoon/video game. It was weird.
2. I was at this hotel, and this bored-looking service woman gave me a bill with sums, including $32 for some cleaning fee, totaling up to $150. Huh?

I know I had at least two dreams, but all I remember was that Mr. K said that I had better get a hundred percent - and a pizza - on the next science test. Pfft, yeah right.

I was at the place where I dreaded most in the world - the eye doctor's. *dramatic music* Yeah, and I couldn't see any of the E's or other letters at like even then 20-50 line. I was freaked out. However, it was Chloe or someone who burst into the door and said that I had forgotten to come to homeroom (cafeteria) for the new semester schedule changes. Gladly, I rushed out but I guess I ran to the girl's dormitory/barracks or something. And suddenly it was night, and thunder was booming outside. We were all freaked out and tried desperately to hide... though I don't know from what.

So, I was walking in the hallways at school and suddenly Cory snatched my new schedule and he and his friend (Z, probably, since they're both seniors) went to a wall and started copying down the classes and room numbers I had for that day. When I asked them why, Cory said that he wanted to follow me around to my classes. I said, sarcastically, that it was nice in a stalker kind of way. But then Cory snatched my math homework, and I didn't get the last problem so I left it blank. So he took out a yellow highlighter and started scribbling the work sideways on the paper, and I said that I could barely read the yellow. So Cory took out a thin-tip black marker or something, and easily scribbled out all the work and answers for me. I thanked him. Then, when I went to go to my locker, I saw that it had all been replaced with fat, half-height dark blue gym lockers with big slits in them, as well as lots of blue trash bins around. There were a lot of gym bags strewn across the floor too. I was confused, and turning around I saw Rishi glaring at the other side of the hallway, saying that he was thirsty and was mad that the water fountain was removed. Then, *major scene jump* I think I was taking a shower or something and this random guy, who had a major crush on me, started smooching...eww.

Okay, so I was in China in like the early 1900s, and we were all celebrating in honor of lord Apollo at a festival (I guess it's because we're reading about it in the Odyssey). The "straw-haired people" - in other words, English foreigners, performed this chariot march/dance as a way of their celebration. They were out in the streets, filled with old houses, on a cloudy day. Then inside this palace (I must have been rich), I found a young Korean runaway girl, who had also brought her younger brother with her. Then I had to plead for help from this girl around my age, who had four brothers and sisters, the oldest of which was sort of like Edward (I must have hada crush on him). We were looking out of a glass door at a fountain or something... people were probably pouring libations to lord Apollo, my favorite Greek/Roman god.

So I had my awesome baby goldfishy in one tank, and a "sea snake" in the other - it was more like a round black moore with buggy eyes. Anyway, the "sea snake" ended up in this clear plastic tube, and I accidentally squeezed it. I thought, "Wops I killed it" when the tube compressed, but in fact the fish shrunk! And then I hurridly blew up the tube again, and the fish BLOATED! Like turned into the size of the fish I eat!

Okay, so I was vacationing at this mountainous area. In the middle of these lush mountains, there was a really weird ladder that I had to climb up. The bottom steps consisted of toilet paper rolls, and later on they were replaced by wooden logs. A sign nearby said "No one has ever died climbing this ladder" but then I thought, "Where does it say that anyone reached the end of the ladder, all the way to the white wired fence on the other side?". So I only climbed a few steps, and got ready to back down when a whole array of colorful motorcycles sprang up and down into the air - there must have been a race going on in the lush green lands below. When it was getting dark, I made my way back (I believe my parents or other people were with me at the ladder, but now I was alone) to the camping tent. There were these twins girls going inside to open a box, and they were freaked out by a magic 8 ball, which then turned into a ghostly Toph. I was freaking out too, but Mike (ugh... I kind of dislike him for all his good looks) offered me some colored bullets or whatnot. However, either help came or the ghostly Toph disappeared, because they weren't necessary anymore. Talk about giving help too late. Then suddenly I was at the airport going home, and some guy asked me how to get free domains using a credit card. A woman came over and showed [my] credit card. Then an alt that you find on a computer screen showed up, said cc[e]In, then negative numbers before the names of the planets. The guy's credit card showed cc[e]In 0 0, and the woman said that that worked too. The [e] was basically the IE symbol.

Okay, so I went to the doctor’s – probably the dentist’s. I sat down in a colorful chair with a sandbox beneath it. There was a girl around my age nearby, playing Harry Potter with her male violin teacher – her dad, probably. At first I thought it was the Sonata, though, and for some reason I was mad that she stole my solo or something. Then I witnessed my huge Harrington house being built. It was gigantic – more like a mansion, and framed with dark green. It could have been completed in one week, and I was so excited and couldn’t wait. But then I was being stalked, and then chased, by this middle-aged guy. He had a knife, and I begged my mom for a weapon. She gave me her sort-of-sharp, golden eyebrow plucker thing. It didn’t help much at all, and I got painfully scraped by the guy’s knife. When I asked him why he was doing this, he said that he suspected I was a goddess in disguise. I said no, a goddess would always be disguised as a beautiful person, or at least someone without acne. He said not necessarily, and I started shouting that he didn’t know what it was like to have acne for over four years, starting from fifth grade. The guy then turned into a puffed up, old version of Mrs. Saylor and said to add four more years to that – eight years he/she had suffered. Hmm… how did he change into a woman?

Two dreams:
1. Aaargh... I was trying to take care of my darling fishy. Hmm... fishy was swimming in a nice big tank, but I wanted to feed it some shrimp or worm or something as a treat, but then my fishy got stuck in a bowl of ketchup stuff. Then I fed my fishy some fish, and then I saw the pieces of dead fish in my drawer, and concluded that my fishy was dead. :(
2. Okay so I was being stalked by a guy or guys who were sitting on a bench oin a nearby park. So I fled through a trapdoor to home, probably, and Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi were hiding with me. Or protecting me, either way, though them being bodyguards sounds like a much better dream/story.

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