Angel's Wings

November 2006

I was Anita Blake, tough-as-nails vampire hunter. Some guy (a friend - probably Edward) led me to a haunted black house. We carried formidable-looking weapons - flamethrowers and such. Edward said that he sensed a vampire (bat form, maybe?) dwelling in the darkness of the yard. 'Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear.' The vampire glided - floated, almost - towards us. It wore black (duh) from head to toe, and the hood only showed death-pale skin and a pair of bloody, hard fangs. I screamed (probably not a very Anita-ish thing to do, especially since I was armed), which excited the vampire. Edward and I ran for our lives, and we came to a small but cozy house (I guess it was mine). It had a small white, crisscrossed fence outside and a white porch with a screen door that I entered through. It was small and jammed inside, but seemed so well-lighted and cozy that I felt much at home. Much more at home than in the yard with the bloodsucking vampire, anyway.

It was Halloween night (even though that was a few days ago), and I was at a friend's house. I stepped backwards outside, where there was some sort of lantern light hanging from the porch, and there was a guy waiting for me. He looked kind of Asian; I wasn't sure. I never see detailed faces in my dreams. Anyways, my friend's mom said "Now you kids go and have fun," and we turned around with our back faced to the house. Suddenly time warped and we ended up in a busy street where there was daylight. It seemed like China. I stepped inside a nearby store just to make sure. There was a young Asian woman at the counter, trying to advertise all the tea and dried food products behind her. I waited forever in line, and finally she spoke to me in rapid Chinese. I didn't understand a thing, which was depressing. I stepped outside, and the sky was all gray because it was so polluted, and the air was filled with car honks and bicycles rolling along. It was all really gloomy-looking. I guess I sort of started whimpering, so the guy took me in his arms and gave me a great big hug, and w-h-o-o-s-h we were back in the near dark where there were pumpkins and cobwebs everywhere.

I think that I had some kind of lover, and he built me a house. It seemed like an unfinished one-story ranch from the outside, with tan dirt surrounding it in a square-rectangle shape and the woods after that, but it was actually three stories. We hid in the basement, which seemed a lot like "home, sweet home", because there were some bad guys after us, I think.11.14.06
Four dreams:
1. Nikki and Tai and me were shopping in some weird downtown city with huge skyscrapers all around – it was all blue and yet polluted.
2. I was at some Halloween party. I had a black cloak with a white mask as a costume. There were two neon purple halls where ghostly figures were hanging up their costumes, and I kind of got lost there.
3. I was walking down brick steps with bushes all around on a peaceful day. I had just been shopping or something at a nearby plaza, and as soon as I descended the steps behind the plaza, some guys started stalking me.
4. Ummm… it probably isn’t very appropriate, but it was about three other Asians crowding to shower in my bathtub. *cringes*

Three dreams:
1. I was at school, wearing semi-high heels, the ones that I wore during concerts. Nearby there were some guys asking for some short person (who I knew was me), and I was scared so I walked really fast (I couldn't run in heels) to this weird mall circle. I watched people playing pinball and frog fighting/jumping... Fabby was there with me.
2. There was this really old American guy with white hair sitting at a table in his green army uniform. He spoke in rapid, and pretty horrible, Chinese, and pointed at black and white photographs. One of them was of Hitler, and he had a huge red stain on his stomach (added later, of course, since it was a b&w photograph). The old guy said that the governor's wife didn't like him and was responsible for the red stain.
3. I was looking at a lot of layouts from an aerial view of a computer, one with a dark prairie rose, another that had dark yellow stars and green leaves below that. My eyes then fell on a blue-and-purple themed animated layout. It was a fairyland twilight scene, and there was Yuna and Tidus together. :) Tidus hugged Yuna, and left through a shimmering, sparkly blue portal, and Yuna cried and went down on her knees. She sprouted beautiful fairy/butterfly wings.

Two dreams:
1. I was in this huge pearly mansion with many spiral, twisted pure white stairs. There was this "lookout" that extended outside, and I think I almost fell off the "lookout" balcony. Perhaps I was a street urchin... I don't know, but that kind of seemed familiar.
2. I was late for school, and I started walking across the grassy fields on my way to school. Again, there were a bunch of people wearing dark clothes blocking my way.

There was some massacre at school., and there was a red-scarred old man like Zuko. He offered to help, but my mom and I were too suspicious. The first time round, my mom and I ran out through a huge glass pane door. There were soldiers in green/gray everywhere with huge machine guns, and no one survived the bullets... it seemed just like the Holocaust. The second time I was so worried, but at 3:30 or whatever letout time they said we were free to go, and outside were people and school buses coming up the driveway to the school. So we didn't die. :)

I was riding on my pink bike with my dad, and he seemed really mad at me.... then something weird (and bad) happened, but I don't quite seem to remember anymore. *shudders*

School was at this really gorgeous mall with chandeliers hanging from the very high ceiling and three stories with shiny escalators all around! Except it was time to get our report card, and I basically failed with an E in science, a D in English (somehow Mrs. Duffy was involved), and a 87.5 (B+) in social studies (somehow Mrs. Brown was involved too). I was really depressed and all, so me and Nikki and Tai went to the office to investigate, and I think I broke down and cried...also, we saw the tall hottie (Will) that Nikki liked with another girl... I think Nikki cried too.

I was at a recreation of Tufts park, going on almost mini-coaster rides and that backwards swinging thing with my gym friends - Ember, Allie, Veronica, and Teanna... they called me a chicken when I was afraid to go on this really long, twisted ride. Also, there was a rectangular, really light blue swimming pool nearby, and near that was a water hole with a sewage opening, from which came out two (I only saw the first one clearly) mermaids. They looked like the Harry Potter lake mermaids, except a tiny bit prettier. And nearby was this building, inside which was a gigantic brownish-peachish hall. Voldemort and his followers were just coming out of the hall, I think...

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