Here you'll find a little insight on myself, the fanatical creator of this site. I am one of those people who are boring yet interesting, average yet weird. Well...knock yourself out! Three pages were inspired by Camilla, Kya, and Yimins.

Some basic facts about myself for the lazy reader.

Q & A
55 questions and answers about me.

Yeah, I actually wrote a big long essay about myself just for you.

I Am/Not
Who I am and who I'm not.

Good & Bad
Things I'm good at doing and things I stink at.

Find out what some of my unhealthy addictions are.

All of my Asian-related obsessions.

My top ten celebrity crush list...which could go on forever. I love you all.

Before I Die
Some things I'd like to accomplish before that day.

See my who my e-twins are, and how to become one!