My name is Sherry, although I often go by the web alias of Xaari. I'm seventeen, and I live with my parents in good old Pennsylvania, USA. I'm a senior in high school and an underachiever who always somehow ends up as an overachiever.

My life is full of paradoxes. I'm a very, very nice person, but I can't get along with everyone. I always feel dumb, always get proven dumb, but still don't end up being dumb. I exercise way too much, yet I'm not so great at P.E. Ah well, life is never perfect.

I can't say I'm extremely talented at any one thing. I'm more like a jack of half the trades. But like woah, saying that I am good at being a fangirl is an understatement. To strangers I may seem shy, but when in an obsessive mood, my friends do everything they can to "politely" shut me up (i.e. restrain me and put duct tape on my mouth - that's happened only once, thankfully). You can find out all about my unhealthy addictions to celebrities, characters, movies, series, music, everything on all the other pages.

I am slightly opinionated, but I'm not a loudmouth. I have an understandable, but nevertheless peculiar, sense of humor. And I am not truly afraid of anything - but that is more accountable to stupidity, not bravery. In general, you can call me a "good person," though I'm sure that every so often you'll have your doubts.

And I apologize, but I really stink at writing essays about myself (but of course you know that already). I'm far better at making lists and answering questions about feel free to knock yourself out elsewhere. :)