Before I Die

There are quite a few things that I'd like to accomplish before I die. If I'm determined or lucky enough to achieve any/all of them, I'll use strikethroughs to mark whichever dreams or goals I've reached.

• Save someone's life

• Change one part of the world in a positive way

• Meet any/all (yeah right) of my crushes

• Complete a video game

• Regain 20-20 vision naturally (making progress)

• Visit Finland and Korea

• Become truly trilingual

• Get a black belt in judo or Taekwondo

• Like most girls, I don't want to die an old maid. But I, unlike most, will be willing to wait until I'm at least thirty before starting to worry about being a likely candidate for the spinster farm. *Ahem* other words, to fall in luuuurve.