Hello and welcome to Those We Don't Speak Of, a small website dedicated to M. Night Shyamalan's 2004 movie, The Village. The movie revolves around the dynamics of a small and isolated 20th-century village in rural Pennsylvania and the collective fear of its members. The leading role of the story's heroine, Ivy Walker, is played by Bryce Dallas Howard, and the film also stars Joaquin Phoenix as Lucius Hunt and Adrien Brody as Noah Percy.

Update: The fanlisting for The Village, The Woods, is now a sister site! Please join. :)

This website was created for my English third text dystopia/utopia project, assigned by my wonderful teacher Pez! It's not large enough to be a fansite (I didn't upload movie clips, an image gallery, etc.) and it's not a fanlisting. Those We Don't Speak Of is merely a little project I made for school, with summaries of the movie plot and cast, a related video or two, buttons/banners for you to link with, and links to other websites or pages on The Village.

The navigation links are above, and the five pages are: Index, Movie, Videos, Buttons, and Links. Feel free to roam around, and enjoy your stay! :)

And since The Village is my third text project, I certainly have to relate to the other two texts that we covered in class: Lord of the Flies and Fahrenheit 451. The Village, like LOTF, initially appears to be a utopic paradise, but the residents soon share a collective fear of beasts. In The Village, the villagers have a peace treaty with the mystical creatures of the surrounding woods, named "Those We Don't Speak of." Both sides have lived peacefully for years, but warnings such as red markings on doors and slaughtered livestock soon appear in the town. On the other hand, in LOTF, the boys begin to fear a mysterious beast claimed to be on the top of the "unfriendly" side of the mountain.

The main similarity between The Village and F451 is the strict policy enforced on people in society and the unwillingness of leaders to make reforms. In The Village, the Elders are responsible for the well-being of their small community and never tolerate misbehavior (such as Noah's stabbing of Lucius) and seldom allow for residents to bend the rules. Eventually, after Lucius is declined access to the woods, Ivy is finally allowed by her father to pass through the woods and reach the next town to retrieve medicine for Lucius's wound. In F451, meanwhile, the government enforces laws that ban the possession or reading of books. All infringers, including Montag, are punished by having their property confiscated and then getting arrested.