Hello and welcome to Sea of Sand, a small website created in February 2008 that houses Sherry's mini research project for Pez's English class on the Sahara! And by "Sahara," I'm referring to the desert and natural wonder itself as well as the geographic region.

Navigation's on the left, with pages of information on the Sahara, an image gallery, miscellaneous videos and music, related links, and a bibliography. Enjoy your stay, roam around, and visit again! :)

February 14, 2008
Whew! I am done with my project, fiiiinaaallly! It took me ages to do all the designing, coding, writing, organizing, picture-hunting, and all that mumbo jumbo. ^_^;; If you're bored, please take a moment to listen to the music on the Misc page (embeds might not be visible on Macs, so just click the YouTube links)! The music didn't originate from Africa, but the song and arrangement (both used with permission!) aren't named Sahara for nothing.