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Blog Reborn

Ah, since my hostess at will no longer renew her domain, I’ve moved my blog to my own domain. I’ve now named my blog ‘Sunshine Aficionada,’ which is my motto. And the new theme may not seem to reflect my blog title, but in truth it mirrors my unfathomable side, immersed in the unknown and the impossible. The glow of the moon, the dark waters, the haunting of a ghost ship…very mysterious and sci-fi, eh? Just perfect for my novel in the works.

After all, in the midst of busy busy life – school, interviews, violin, web design, writing – I trade a little bit of sleep for some of the finer enjoyments of life…DBSK, wuxia, and space opera addictions to name a few. :P

Two Phoenixes?

Looks like the domain crashed again, so this will be the second blog phoenix reborn from the ashes. All posts from April-August 09 have been saved, but comments have been lost this time around. It just so happens that my Vista computer also decided to literally die, so I can only pray for my many gigabytes’ worth of files to be intact. My luck just keeps getting better and better, eh?