Yesung, My Singer-Soulmate

I’m in love. Again. Yes, yes, I know…I always fall in love with the same boys over and over again: Junsu, Jaejoong, Yesung, and Kyuhyun in no particular order.

But very recently I just realized how similar Yesung and I are. It’s kinda creepy.

1. Yesung’s favorite color is red. So is mine.

2. Yesung is known for having the biggest head and smallest hands in SJ. I have a big head and tiny hands too.

3. He has somewhat small eyes and a big nose. I have small eyes and a big nose too. :P

4. He loves turtles and gets jealous of other people’s pets. I love turtles (I even made a clay turtle sculpture and painted it green in seventh grade, and it’s still in my room). I always get jealous of other people who are lucky enough to have pets.

5. Yesung’s memory of thinking he was going to die: elementary school, being underwater. I am scared of being underwater and scared to death of drowning.

6. He’s a big fail at everything except singing. He even fails at dancing. Not that I can sing well, but I’m a huge fail too. And can’t dance to save my life.

7. He has a philtrum fetish. I have a hand fetish and by now I think I have a philtrum fetish too.

8. We were both born in August. ♥

Now, a little something to think about as for Jaejoong and Kyuhyun’s similarities and Junsu and Yesung’s similarities. :P

Jaejoong and Kyuhyun are both known to be superb, consistent vocalists. Their voices are as clear as water, as smooth as chocolate. They’re both the same height, 180 cm. They’re always extremely physically attractive. Jaejoong and Kyuhyun give off an aura of perfection. I fell for them at first sight. Also, they’re both good at holding their liquor. ;)

Junsu and Yesung both have raspy, husky voices. Very unique and I can’t get enough of either of their voices. They’re both 178 cm tall. They both have slightly small eyes, big noses, and are physically drop-dead gorgeous most of the time, but not always. Junsu and Yesung are huge dorks. ;)  I fell for them much later, but have grown to love them more than Jae and Kyu. ♥ Also, both of them love soccer, can’t hold their drink, and sing as leads in musicals! Love love love!

Wow, somehow I transferred my drool into a productive analysis of my boys. And it took me only ten minutes. Time to pat myself on the back and then drool some more.

Did I ever mention how hopeless I am? It’s all the fault of his beautiful signature and that heart Yesung drew for me (unknowingly), I swear. I think I shared a few germs with Jongwoon thanks to the paper Jenny sent me. I am on cloud nine. :P

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