Okay so this is the place where I ramble on and on and on... XD I write when I feel like it. There are always 0 comments, just to let you know. I don't know the script for that, so I put it there for fun.

Monday August 21, 2006
Okay, now my eyesight is really declining. TT__TT Waah!! Anyways, I got hosted by Taishya and I started my FL collective. And I'm addicted to that Rhythm of the Rain fanfic. It's hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time!
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Thursday August 10, 2006
I'm so excited now that I've got Adobe Photoshop CS2. It's about a hundred times better than MS Paint, but also a hundred times harder to use. @__@ Nevertheless, I still managed to make my first Iframes/frames layout. It features Ashe from FFXII, and is up for download! Oh yeah... I had a few disturbing dreams these past nights. Two nights ago I dreamed of Shuyin and Lenne and the songstress-lover tragedy. I think I cried in my sleep. Last night I had a really weird dream about skiing in a kayak, being outside an airport on a cold, stormy night, and meeting Jesse McCartney. I think I'm obssessed with him... *hugs Jesse photo*... okay, I think that's enough. ^ ^;;
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Monday August 7, 2006
Okay, school frights. I am going to just HATE high school... ugh. And my vacation cut short so soon! Who ever goes back to school in August, anyway? But I still have a while yet... which is the only good thing. >.< Anyways, to quench my fit of school fright, I've decided to listen, once again, to "Because You Live" by Jesse McCartney. Man I love him... <3 <3. Okay, that's all I've got to say for now.
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Tuesday August 1, 2006
It's my b-day today!! I'm 14... yay for me! :D I didn't get as many prezzies on Gaia as I got last year, but I made two new friends (who both gave me prezzies). I roleplayed the KarasuxKurama situation with one of them... it's my first one-on-one long-term RP!
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