I'm a YouTube addict, and I'm proud of it. @_@ I've watched hundreds of videos, and you know what? Since I'm a very picky kind of person, I only liked a few of them. And because I'm such a generous person, I'll kindly share them with you.

These are videos that have made me either cry or laugh (and sometimes both). They are all worthy of five whole, big, shining stars, and because of that, I've watched them at least a dozen times each. And I plan to watch them again. XD

My absolute favorite YouTubes, unfortunately, are copyright infringements. I watch them, but I'm not going to embed them on my site. Sorry, but it's for the best.

Requirements: Some sort of shockwave/flash player and speakers turned up to an audible volume.

FFVII: Advent Children (4)
Final Fantasy (17)
Kingdom Hearts (2)
The Simpsons (1)
Yu Yu Hakusho (2)

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