The following are links to my favorite web graphics resources (layouts, avatars, wallpapers, buttons, brushes, etc.).

Day Dream Graphics Designs, avatars, tutorials.

Aethereality Designs, avatars, wallpapers, PNG, textures, brushes, tutorials, gallery.

Celestial Star Layouts, tutorials, brushes, avatars, templates, inspiration, gallery.

Anime Share Tutorials, PNGs, avatars, templates, buttons, banners, splash/hiatus/moved signs.

Anime Rain Gallery, designs, avatars, buttons, wallpapers, transparent PNG's, textures, PS brushes, assorted fonts.

Xiao Star Designs, avatars/icons, templates, stationary, bookmarks, ID cards, miscellaneous signs, wallpaper, transparent PNGs, PS brushes, tutorials.

Minitokyo Anime wallpapers, IndyArt, scans.

Stock Xchng Quality photos.

Index Stock Imagery Independent source of high-quality stock photography.

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