DBSK 2: Junsu ♥

This will be a continuation of my last post, because I want to start afresh in promoting DBSK. After watching DBSK’s “Bonjour Paris” DVD about their photoshoot vacation in 2007, I can see why the five have set a Guinness World Record for the celebrities with the most number of pictures taken of them…around 500,000,000 and going up. This of course includes individual and group shots, whether for MVs, commercials, photobooks, or other purposes. The next Guinness World Record DBSK set was having the largest fan base, around 800,000. Today I made myself one of those crazy Cassies – a member of Cassiopeia, DBSK’s eternal supporters (and 99% female, haha).

First I’m going to shamelessly declare my devotion to Kim Junsu (stage name Xiah), my favorite member of DBSK. I’ve gone perhaps the same route as more than half of DBSK’s fangirls – paying attention to only Jaejoong when first introduced to DBSK, but gradually loving one of the other four. I still think JJ has the largest number of fangirls, but that’s good news to me. There are so many reasons to love Junsu, and no reason to not love him. Here goes:

- He has a very warm personality and is almost always smiling. He said himself that he’s a nice person without a tendency to get jealous. Very charismatic.
- He has the most unique voice in DBSK. Very sweet and angelic, hence giving way to his reputation as the “angel” and the “dolphin.”
- He composes absolutely beautiful ballads, like Rainy Night and White Lies. Since the pains of love in the songs are based on experience, he reveals a very deep heart.
- He can play piano and guitar, whoo!
- He’s very talented at soccer, and the second best dancer in the group, after Yunho. His bouncing hips, pelvic thrusts, and duck butt give me a nosebleed. He does awesome handstands!
- Even in the eyes of the other members, Junsu has no “Casanova potential.” When his chair plummeted in the game in Come to Play (representing his 5th place playboy status), I was beside myself with joy. Yeah, playboys are cool in dramas, but I prefer someone like…Junsu! Haha that was obvious.
- He’s a cute eater; because he has sensitive teeth, Junsu eats ice cream by sticking out his tongue first. He’s also an incredibly fast eater; he even drinks coffee in one shot. After returning to Paris from a brief commercial-shooting trip in Brazil, he receives such a warm welcome from the other DBSK members, but can only say in response, “I’m hungry.” Haha, he’s Changmin #2. Junsu can’t cook very well, but I would eat his messy natto takoyaki any day!
- Junsu’s a book lover; if he’s not at home, school, or SM, he’s usually in the library or bookstore. This was before he turned into a superstar with no time on his hands, of course.
- He has no alcohol tolerance. Which means he’ll never stay out all night drinking! It also means Junsu can get high on any sugary beverage…as demonstrated in Paris.
- He has fewer celebrity friends than the other members, mostly communicating with his older fraternal twin brother. When there’s an attractive, unattainable guy, girls always think “If only he had a twin brother I could snatch!” Well, his brother Junho (this would also be the name of a potential DBSK couple, Junsu & Yunho, but unfortunately there’s only Yoosu) would be the one, but there’s no one like Junsu!
- His mom is a former Miss Korea, who is also vocally talented. Beautiful voice and appearance must run in the family then! (Imagine a former Miss Korea as a mother-in-law…I’m going to get a nosebleed soon if I don’t stop hallucinating.)
- He’s the most predictable member in DBSK; according to the others, even if he disappears no one worries about him, because they know Junsu is probably in the PC room playing video games. :D
- Junsu isn’t the best at buying matching clothes…so while the other DBSK members fuss over what to buy, Junsu just gets whatever is on the mannequin! I’m a careless shopper too. We’re shopping soulmates! Ahem.
- He likes girls who wear turtlenecks, and especially likes girls who are intellectual (and wear glasses), with no make-up, and girls who are active and work out. (YAAAAY!!)
- He wears glasses and looks mega hot in them, as do the other four members.
- He can speak Kenyan – or a gibberish form of it. He’s shown off his “Kenyan” on two shows before, and I could’ve sworn he repeated the same phrases when they were in Paris discussing dogs to buy (Junsu was set on Pomeranian).
- His “sexy look,” as demonstrated on Star Show, consists of piercing eyes and licking his lips. Mmmm.
- His “killer smile” with his six-year-old mini version on Star King is the cutest spectacle I’ve ever witnessed. Two angels…and then a kiss!!
- Although the little gymnast girls on Star King were really pervy, three out of five picked Junsu as their favorite. Good to know that the youngest (who got Yunho to hug her and Jaejoong to sing to her just because it was her birthday) wanted to marry him. Back off my Junsu and wait at least ten years to be my age before you start dancing suggestively at Junsu, pervy girl.
- Oh, and also, Junsu is not a camwh–e like Jaejoong and sometimes Changmin, Yoochun, and Yunho (who’s the “surprise camwh–e”).
- He believes that flowers make better presents than movie tickets; he can’t express himself honestly to the girl he loves; he would choose music over love; he believes it shouldn’t just be the face that counts, but also the body. (Although I was slightly surprised, I understand his reasoning. His “type E” girl turned out to be very pretty, although Jaejoong, who picked the same for everything except the face counted more, got the prettiest actress in Korea. Haha, then I’m glad about Junsu’s choice.)
- I will never forget how cute Junsu was when he cried out “Ow, my butt” on the double-deck tour bus in Paris. :P
- Along with Jaejoong, Junsu is one of very few men who can get away with wearing earrings and man purses and still look unbelievably hot.
- He speaks Korean (duh) and Japanese fluently. He sings English beautifully and his Chinese pronunciation is better than that of the other members.
- He is the shortest member at 178 cm (5’10″), and exactly a foot taller than me. Mmmm.
- He’s the second youngest member. I get to celebrate his birthday all the way from December 15 to New Year’s! Junsu was born on December 15, 1986 but was registered on January 1, 1987, which means party all the days in between!!
- His message to his future wife is: “Sweetie~ If you become my wife, I will make you the happiest person in the world. I will sing for you whenever you want.” (From Star Show…all five members’ messages memorized word-for-word after watching it three times.) :P

Okay, in all seriousness, how do I know all this about him? I’m not even a stalker. …Or am I? Maybe all Cassiopeias are stalkers.

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